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The Publicity and Promotions Division is chargeable for govt publications, advertising campaigns, advertisements, Artistic and layout perform and authorities images. This division generally serves two reasons. It is a company-guidance division for the knowledge Solutions Office (ISD) together with other federal government departments and at the same time functions being an executive arm with regards to community support advertising.


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The sub-division assists Along with the preparing and implementation of enormous-scale governing administration publicity campaigns and supporting marketing programmes to educate the public on problems with major problem and make awareness of civic accountability.

The ISD, in the Nearby Promotions Sub-division, is The federal government's publicity adviser, with officers serving distinctive bureaux and departments and accountable for distinct area publicity campaigns.

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It really is open to the general public through Business several hours, inclusive of lunch-time. The majority of the popular products, which includes ordinances and subsidiary 航拍短片拍攝 legislations, can be obtained. Customers of the general public may order Government publications by:

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Television and radio Participate in a significant position in conveying publicity messages plus the subdivision is responsible for scheduling and making preparations with the broadcasting of Government publicity messages generally known as Bulletins in the general public Interest (APIs) on television and radio.

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